miércoles, enero 03, 2001

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley - 1985

Segundo disco de los Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Freaky Styley

Duración 39:11
Sello Capitol / EMI

Anthony Kiedis: Vocals
Flea: Bass
Hillel Slovak: Guitar
Cliff Martinez: Drums

George Clinton: Producer
Greg Ward: Engineer

01 Jungleman ver video
02 Hollywood (Africa)
03 American Ghost Dance
04 If You Want Me To Stay
05 Nevermind
06 Freaky Styley
07 Blackeyed Blonde
08 The Brothers Cup
09 Battleship
10 Lovin' And Touchin'
11 Catholic School Girls Rule ver video
12 Sex Rap
13 Thirty Dirty Birds
14 Yertle The Turtle

reedición en CD 11-Marzo-2003

15 Nevermind (Demo)
16 Sex Rap (Demo)
17 Freaky Styley (Original Long Version)
18 Millionaires Against Hunger

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